There is a good chance I'll can get an interview with someone senior at the Inveneo project.

According to their website:
"Inveneo focuses on designing, integrating and supporting affordable technology systems that match the needs of people and organizations in under-served areas of the world. We provide complete, ready-to-install solutions. We share our designs, both equipment specifications and open source software, so that the systems can be created, adapted and supported locally. Our main goal is to make ICT more available and sustainable so that it can be used to by organizations to build capacity to deliver vital services and for people as tools to improve their lives."
They have projects in Louisiana (post Hurricane Katrina), Haiti, Uganda, Ghana, and Rwanda. They had a display at LinuxWorld one year showing how a computer system for a classroom could be powered by a combination of solar and bicycle pedal power.

They are based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Please visit their website and update this thread with any questions that pique your interest. Thier experiences in deploying Linux on bare bones systems while maintaining user interest and acceptance could be interesting.

Schotty, interested in a podcast? A combination phone and email interview could be really interesting.

Comments welcome.