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Thread: rpm package installation

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    rpm package installation

    Sometimes when i try to install a package, say package A,it needs some other packages say B and C which have some strange names like or somethign like that, how should I know which package should I install to have this library?
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    The rpm command's "--aid" option will search for other pre-requisite RPMs in your directory and install them at the same time.

    rpm -i --aid
    The only problem is that you have to have the entire set of RPMs in the directory for this to work. If my machine doesn't have access to yum and the internet, I just copy all the RPMs from my Linux CDs onto my hard drive to make this easier.

    I think there is a way to find out what your depenency RPMs are beforehand. Like this:

    rpm -qpR file-name.rpm
    rpm -qpR installed-package-name

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    If you have internet access, yum should take care of all dependencies for you.
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