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Thread: Interest for a self made apt/yum repo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcrow View Post
    I want in on this too ;-). I create django and other python rpms for FC5/6 quote often and have just been posting them to my blog instead of a repo ...
    Cool, I will kep y'all posted.

    I have been in talks with a few people off forum and they are aware but not everybody has of what my situation is.

    I got bogged down with non PC related crap as soon as I started in with the casts and repo stuff. I have not abandoned it, just letting funds return ($900 left my bank acct to fix my truck) for the mixer kit and a new Treo (blackberry is near dead) and some funds to get a new domain and hosting (GoDaddy isnt seeming to be useful at all here).

    Thats the deal. I hope to have this up and going ASAP, but no ETA as of yet.

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