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Thread: Setting up a small LAN

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    Some people need a push-start. On top of that, microsoft documentation is more vague then the OpenBSD install notes.
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    Yeah, people LOVE to talk about how Linux/Floss has no documentation and stuff ....

    I paid $ 4K to learn how to do NT networking for my MCSE study and it was lousy at best. The best thing I got from that was I heard the guy (Solaris guy trash-talking about Linux) saying how good Solaris is compare to other *nixes and how good he got paid for knowing Solaris. I know it still true that Solaris guys got paid more but the notion that OSS has much less documentation is just crap.

    If people have to paid 70 bucks for a copy of Red Hat and a book, they think they got robbed or something ...
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    i remember using one proxy called analogx proxy.

    u can search for the proxy softwares or use sites like , ...

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    Take x p cd , run it, select additional task, select home network

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