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Thread: Nvidia driver installation on Fedora

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    Nvidia driver installation on Fedora - Dual Head / Monitors

    I have a dual head PCI-X Nvidia graphics card on my system and managed to successfully install it on FC5. (Two video outputs on one card).

    It was a pain to do. And I had to use a combination of these URLs to get it working.

    I wanted to replicate this dual dead setup on another system using a dual head PCI card and it just isn't working. I don't want to spend the hours and hours of trail and error all over again.

    Does anyone know if FC6 will natively support Nvidia on a dual headed card?

    Does anyone have good experience with using two separate video cards instead? Is it as simple as they say it is here?
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    I give up. I ordered a pair of cheap cards and they'd better behave!

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    Go there and see if that helps out at all. Its for CRT & Cloned TV screens, but just hack it to be two CRTs or whatnot.

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    Thanks. I'm getting the video cards tomorrow and will let you know how it works out.

    I need the two screens for work. I do office work on one and keep an eye on some monitoring web pages and logs I tail in another.

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    So I installed FC6 to try this out with two identical Nvidia GE-Force 5200 PCI cards.

    FC6 only detects one of them according to lspci. Back to the drawing board.

    How can I kick kudzu in the head and make it see both cards?

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    Tuxette, did you figure this out? I want to do almost the same thing. I tried Core 6, it sees both cards but the Livna nvidia RPMs don't load properly. The RPM installation errors out saying I need kernel-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 installed, but... it's already installed!

    Forcing the RPMs to ignore dependencies causes loading the driver daemon to fail because it says the kernel module is incompatible.

    There must be an error in the RPM kernel dependency error.

    Shouldn't dual monitors be simple? I cringe thinking about Core 7!

    This is my only gripe about FC6 so far. No, I take that back, there is the renaming of the yum daemon to yum-updatesd, but at least that doesn't force me to drink like nvidia. Thanks for the links!

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    There is a known FC6 bug in which the kernel for the incorrect architecture could be installed. That may be the source of your problem. Try this fix.

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    Thanks Scribbles, that link helped a little bit.

    FC6 sees both cards now, but the dual head thing isn't working 100% as the Nvidia driver only offers 800x600 resolution on both cards.

    Back to the drawing board typing "system-config-display" till I go nuts. Theres an nvidia version of the command but that doesn't work yet.

    At least I get the "Nvidia" splash screen when the system boots up. That's much better than before.

    Just call me "Tuxette, the glutton for punishment".

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    Just give up and run Windows

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