For the past couple months I have been wondering about ways to make OF a more interesting place to visit. I had a couple ideas and emailed some members directly for their views. Some of their suggestions have already been incorporated.

It made for some interesting reading. I'll summarize their thoughts below on three major areas of discussion.
  1. Interviews / Articles: Good idea. One member said "Largely what made LinuxJunior great back in the day was the sense of belonging... To attract users it would be cool to do more articles and such. One way to do that easily would be to do advance reviews of distros that kind of thing always goes rounds on all the Linux newssites. Be the first and you get visitors. Just encourage members who write that kind of thing to be honest about the good and bad sides of everything." We could also focus on casting an eye on improving the layout of some of our better PETs to see whether they could be good enough to submit on Digg, OSNews or Slashdot.
  2. Member Blog Aggregation: Doing that now with It gets about half a dozen browser reads a day.
  3. RSS Feed: A convenient feature. Since adding it we get about 100 non-robot views a day.
  4. Easier Avatars: Adds a nice personal touch. Now any member can have one.
  5. Newsletter: Just another source of unwanted spam.
The articles and interviews are a very interesting proposition. I used to specialize in them for my blog, but it really takes up a lot of time to make the contacts, especially if you want to make them come out at a reasonable interval. It would be better to split the load so that someone volunteers to come up with an interview or article every two to three months, so it becomes easier to maintain the flow. Maybe members could suggest people they know who would be interesting interviewees.

We have members from all around the world, so it would be good to see how Linux is being used in their countries too.

What are your thoughts on this?