Greetings, All,

A while back I had several PETs in the old LinuxJunior fora. As I promised earlier, I've begun the task of restoring those to the lineup. (It's not like I feel my earlier work was of vital importance or anything, but I'm always glad to help out.)

Tonight I added the PETs for:

Allowing Regular Users To Use kppp in Red Hat/Fedora Core Without su-ing to root
Cheap 'N Dirty Subwoofer System

I'll take feedback wherever I can get it, and I'm not married to my work, either (so I don't get bent outta shape easily from so-called "negative" criticism).

What I am wedded to fairly strongly is a desire for accuracy. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, explained in better terms, or said differently, please advise and I will tackle it as time permits.

I'm still hunting for some of the other PETs I did back then, and not having much success (haven't found the right backup CD yet...). If I don't find them soon, I'll dive into my notes and re-research the topics. Shoot, some of this has changed a lot in the last year, anyway.

Later On,