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Thread: Dynamic Disk

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    Dynamic Disk

    On my PC I have Windows XP and linux, in Windows, some of my drives are dynamic.Now how can I access a dynamic drive through linux?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried mounting it the same way you'd mount any other disk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by omidkamangar View Post
    some of my drives are dynamic.
    hhmmmm .. never heard of it before.

    What you mean by it is that they are assigined different drive letters each time? It shouldn't be unless you change drive setting in some way but yeah, like Trickster said, you can mount it the same way you've always mounted. The first master drive on primary IDE channel is always hda, slave drive on the same channel is hdb, master drive on secondary channel is hdc, the next one is hdd. SATA drives works like SCSIs.
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