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Thread: Installfest Guide

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    Installfest Guide

    Hello People,

    My LUG is planning to do an Installfest, I want to know If there is a Guide line for these activity.

    I am worry about what is the new users expecting of the activity.

    Also, I want to avoid some behavior for example when a problem happend usually the people dammit the machine or the hard drive or whatever.

    There is a Etiquette for installfest?
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    Well the way our (granted ancient) 2600 chapter one went was this way. A few meetings aforehand we had volunteers for the following tasks:

    Who would burn CD/DVD's

    Who would be there to install

    Who could bring a fileserver there to dole out .isos if nobody burnt it, or ones were out being used already.

    The third came out to be the best option, since all we needed was a server with a few nic's and then we could have one nic do a few people only (not too bogged down in the end). Plus no CDs were wasted. The trick was getting peeps up to speed on how each (and every distro was different in its own way ... ) distro did netbooting the install image.

    We didnt have web acccess and were pretty much stealing Wifi from some store (was at a mall conference room). So all the lan gear was needed. Luckily some dude brought in a spare 24 port hub from work (work actually had a few employees and bosses show up to check it out) and the cabling and spare nics (and a few were needed ...).

    Aside from that it wasnt rocket science. Just have the major ones plus whatever you wanted to grab. We had (at that time) alot of Slack, Red Hat, and Debian. A few BSD nuts were there too doing Net and Free BSD installs. It was a long but fun night.

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    The activity was sucessful !

    All people had a lot of fun installing Very Old machines hehe, I had to install an Celeron 366 Mhz with 128 Ram, Hard Disk 4 G , and a crapy cdrom but well Slackware rocks in that cases.

    A link with some pictures:

    Ten installers and ten "victims" attend the activity

    People Thanks for your help and the links!!!

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    I don't know what it says on the pages but it looks a great fun ... Congrats ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Compunuts View Post
    I don't know what it says on the pages but it looks a great fun ... Congrats ...
    Thanks, well google translate doesn't work to well but It can give you the main idea.

    Sunday 1st, October.

    The Installfest began at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    We had a very good attendance, as much people interested in installing linux like installers! (in addition a good flow of people asking for linux).

    The activity:

    Escarpin and (roche) arrived 15 minutes before the start, Sergio and Carlos already had been in charge to take the monitors and the chairs to the Auditory, ErickGB and me was in charge of that first victim (Although by the difficulties that gave the machine to us, I believe that the victims we were :lol.

    In the course of the day the other people arriaved, in general the main problem who we had was to work with Windows installed in the machines.

    At the end all the machines of the people were installed,



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