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Thread: keyboard freezes

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    keyboard freezes

    I have Mandriva2006 installed in my laptop Toshiba S1800-100.
    I have tried to install the usb card wireless D-Link DWL-G122 B1.
    While installing the driver for the card the command modprobe rt2570 did not work, so I changed the Makefile from usr/src/linux : in the line EXTRAVERSION = -12mdkcustom I put EXTRAVERSION = -12mdk.

    Now when I start the system with the wireless card inside the usb port, the computer freezes. If I put the card into the usb port after starting the system, the card is recognized, but the keyboard freezes in about three minutes; the mouse works; the other usb port does not, when I tried to put there the memory stick it was not recognized.

    Here is the message from the syslog file that I think corresponds to the moment of hanging up:

    Sep 30 13:49:23 localhost kernel: hub 1-0:1.0: port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...
    Sep 30 13:49:23 localhost kernel: usb 1-2: USB disconnect, address 2

    The memory stick alone works perfectly, without any problem.

    I hope somebody can help me.
    Thank you all in advance.

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    That is a known error, at least it happened to me as well when I tried a similar device.

    That driver is not in the kernel, your vendor ships it even though it hasn't gone through peer review and can thus be expected to be substandard.. sorry
    Why are you not using Fedora Core?

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    I am not using Fedora core because

    I could not install it. I wasted about 15 discs before I made 5 that could be used properly. And they were not the last ones! Some from the "first collection" and some from the last. I burnt them with Nero 6. For some of them I had to put "Disc-at-once". Others made with that option did not work. Some discs "wrong" by the test of media by Fedora were useful. Some of "good" were not useful.
    After all that mass I found that Fedora lets you install only the standard set of modules. If you choose some additional modules, it crushes the installation.
    Well, finally when I had it I did not have KDE. I can't work in Gnome. Maybe because nobody explained to me how. But it seems to me KDE more convenient.
    I did not find the manner to put KDE on the computer, neither to make my wireless work, so, I passed to Mandriva. At least it has KDE.

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