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Thread: Yum Update Error

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    Yum Update Error

    Anyone ever seen this error when running yum updates with FC5 (Fedora Core 5)?

    Error: Missing Dependency: 
    bind = 30:9.3.2-20.FC5 is needed by package bind-config
    Seems to be fixed with this:

    # yum clean all
    # yum -y update
    It stumped me for an hour till I found this.

    I've been having too many problems with FC5 recently. Should have stuck with FC4.

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    The channel was updating and hadnt finished yet.

    It happens. Just wait and retry. The cleansing is sometimes needed, but I havent needed that all that often ... or at all since FC1. But I update once a week if that. I am slow ;D My CentOS rigs are scripted to do that once every 6 hours.

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