due to various reasons, I had to put my Mandrake HDD into another PC.
And I wanted to update its installation (I just downloaded today Mandrake 2007 Free and also tried with earlier versions before).

So far no problem, it recognizes the previous installation finds it and offers me to update, great so far, but unfortunately due to the fact that the pc in which the HDD has been had 4 HDDs, it cannot find the other drives/partitions and skips with "cannot find [path]" ([path] = path of the partition)
So how can I skip this test/mount of the old partitions/drive or correct that info so the installer will continue?

Well, I am no Linux expert unfortunately so I do not know how I can fix this problem, hope anybody can help!

I put so much energy and time in my installation and configuration of my Mandrake, I do not want to re-do all. NO CHANCE

Also, the Linux partitions, they all were on only one drive, I can promise you.
I did this "one HDD for one OS" very stricktly.

So, I think there must be a way to solve this.

Thanks in advance!