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And You Thought I Was Dead...
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Thread: And You Thought I Was Dead...

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    And You Thought I Was Dead...

    Hey everyone (takes a deep breath of fresh air) I am back! Yes, I have had a plethora of reasons to not be active on the internet lately, but these have been rectified and I have returned!!! Well, the site has changed a little, but I pledge myself to posting once again!

    By the way, I now use SimplyMepis as my OS of choice, and I have managed to get my broadband working under Linux, which makes me feel like crying tears of joy. I love apt-get even more now!

    So what's been happening lately?
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    Welcome home Beez......

    Other than the problems, no problem. Everything is the same except for the changes.

    Not much traffic on the forum, I guess life is getting in the way of posting. Mark is going to take this site to a different level.

    Good to hear from ya! Keep on posting, bring in some new blood!

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    Hey Beez, yeah, the forums have been a little slow lately. I recently moved to New Jersey so I haven't been able to find alot of time for anything. I am settling in the new job tho, so I have been able to find time to visit to foo more often.

    Fatal still posts interesting links to the board on a regular basis, its kinda like our very own 'Stumble Upon' extension. Keeps the surfing interesting.
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