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    News Aggregator Forum

    The new vBulletin forum software has the ability to read RSS feeds and then output them to a forum. Would you be interested in this? What feeds would be interesting?

    To prevent the news from becoming too stale,we could auto-delete old entries after a couple days.

    Here are some sites that come to mind. They are not all Linux related, but they cover a range of tech topics. A broad range of news could make it very interesting.
    • Lxer?
    • Slashdot?
    • Engadget?
    • Digg?
    • Techcrunch?
    • Tectonic?
    • A favorite blog?
    Give your opinions, I'll be happy to add stuff.
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    I would like to see ones like:

    - Slashdot
    - Planet GNOME
    - Planet KDE
    - (openSUSE/SLE(S|D)) Advocacy and just OSS in general.
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    I'm not sure I should be honored or scared that I'm mentioned in the same post as Slashdot..

    Also OSNews might be worth adding

    The following personal blogs are great:

    Dave Jones: Kernel hacker, writes about life, the universe and why userspace sucks

    Greg Kroah-Hartman: Does USB in the kernel and was also the man behind FINALLY killing devfs.

    Nikita Danilov: Reiser4 hacker, a must if you are into filesystems

    Dave Arlie: hacker, Kernel hacker - the man who makes your drivers work - worshipping is not optional, I vote this man ruler of the known universe.

    Dave Miller: Kernel network maintainer

    Also notice that my theory that anyone named David rule completely (regardless of the fact that they like to be known as the less formal Dave which I hate) is taking shape. Granted I haven't quite explained away David Hasselhoff yet.. then again nothing ruins a beautiful theory like an ugly fact.
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