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Thread: installation guide to debian

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    installation guide to debian

    Finally switching from redhat 9 to debian (woody). First time user of debian, and fairly familiar with linux in general, looking for an installation guide for debian. Mostly im trying to install kde on it. I want to use debian mostly because of the things i've been hearing about apt-get. Been to, but the guide on that site was quite confusing. anybody know of any good such guides? Thanks.


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    Welcome to the site qin, the site recently had some bad fortune, our fearless leader is (I am sure) working dilligently to get it back to its original fooey glory.

    Here is a site I use alot as a reference for all things apt, you might have already seen this since its on the site, but its a little buried.
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    I wrote this guide here,
    It's not official or anything

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    sweet. i'll definitely be reading both. thanks!


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