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    Multi - Boot recomendation


    I am going to install in my machine Windows + Several Distributions (Sarge + Ubuntu)

    I want to hear some advices about the partitions that I need. My Hard Disk space is 60 Gb

    I am thinking use for windows 10 Gb, For Debian 20 G distribuited in 3 partitions for (/,/home,/usr), Ubuntu 3 partitions (/,/home,/usr)

    Somewhere I read that is good to have a partition for /boot in order to allocate all the kernels, files and others stuff for all the distributions ? Is that Correct?

    It saw like I can share /home among the Linux Distributions but I am not very sure.

    Per every system Do I need to have Primary Partitions or they can be located in extenderd partitions?

    I dont want to rewrite one distribution or mess up the the boot files,

    Can someone give an advice with these?

    I going to use Grub.

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