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Thread: Which IPsec?

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    Which IPsec?

    I need to brush up on IPsec on a 2.6 kernel. I haven't touched IPsec (on Linux) since 2.4. I used OpenSWAN back then. The "Quick Fix Notebook" (and the home networking website) talk about Open|FreeSWAN, but a few people I talked to said that the KAME IPsec stack (and racoon) can now be used.

    So before I start down the wrong path can someone tell me which is preferred? Do either already come as part of the kernel (or a distribution?)
    Why both? Was one deprecated or something?

    I've used both (KAME on BSD), don't have a favoriate. I just want to use what the majority is using these days on 2.6. I guessing that following the crowd so to speack will make it easier to get help setting up config files etc. with other vendors gear.


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    OpenSWAN works without modification with Fedora. If it is the same with KAME and BSD, then it seems to come down to your preference in operating systems.

    Which IPSec solution did you use eventually?

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