I need to brush up on IPsec on a 2.6 kernel. I haven't touched IPsec (on Linux) since 2.4. I used OpenSWAN back then. The "Quick Fix Notebook" (and the home networking website) talk about Open|FreeSWAN, but a few people I talked to said that the KAME IPsec stack (and racoon) can now be used.

So before I start down the wrong path can someone tell me which is preferred? Do either already come as part of the kernel (or a distribution?)
Why both? Was one deprecated or something?

I've used both (KAME on BSD), don't have a favoriate. I just want to use what the majority is using these days on 2.6. I guessing that following the crowd so to speack will make it easier to get help setting up config files etc. with other vendors gear.