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Thread: E-mail & Calendar Server Help

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    E-mail & Calendar Server Help

    This is what I am dealing with, I have Win2k network in my small business office, with my web site and e-mail handled by a web hosting company. I am trying to share the calenders for all the users in the office but to date I have not found a program that allows me to do this with MS Outlook (ver. 2002 & 2003).

    In theory, I am hoping to have a linux box grab all the mail for all the users from and hold it locally on the linux box. The users in the office would then pop3 the mail from the linux box instead of going out to the internet to And the linux box would act as the clearing house for all outbound and inbound mail potentially scan for viruses and filter spam.

    I would also want this linux box to provide calendar sharing functions for all the users in the office.

    Everyone says buy an instance of Ms Exchange, we are not that big of a company to justify a purchase of MS Exchange.


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