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    I access the internet with dsl pppoe on a ubuntu linux box.I have a windows xp connected with a crossover cable.Every time I want to access the internet on the xp machine I have to manually enter the DNS server in the tcp/ip control panel.Is there a way update the dns server automatically?

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    Although IP addy change frequently, DNS server infos do rearly changes so it's okay to have DNS server info manually. Set your XP box to use private IP, set DNS to your ISP's and set gateway entry to the server's internal IP.

    DNS servers are not authenticated so anyone can use anyone's DNS servers as long as you know their IP addresses. Comcrap (my ISP) used to have poor DNS server which reset every hour or so (or it seems that way) and I used to point backup DNS to Telecity's (which I KNEW had stabel DNS server because they use Unix based) and works fine for me.
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