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Thread: Windows games on linux

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    Smile Windows games on linux
    A new program called cedega will supposedly allow win games to run on linux, but it never says if its better than wine. Thought you guys might be interested.

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    Cedega is not new.

    I have been a subscriber since month 2 of transgamings commercial presense. It has been getting better and better as time goes on. When people ask if its worth it I say three things:

    1)Ensure you have a bit more powerful machine than what windows wants, we arent perfect in the translation nor the most efficient on it all yet. Some games work, some better, some worse. Native is the best, but not always an option.

    2)Dont deal with ATI, period. nVIDIA has kissed the OSS community's *** literally by making 32/64 bit flavors of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD for some time now. They also adjusted their programming technique to one that is more focused on cross platform deployment.

    3)Read the forums first. Find out what games you want to play are even working. For example, I love EVE online, Titans Quest, and Steam based games. Eve mostly works, and is fine on moderately beefy systems (there are some bugs that are still there, but as stated playable). TQ I havent tried yet, but from what I gathered it works fine too (I play on my MacBook on the windows half. Once I get a OSX version of Cedega I will wipe it off completely ;D ). Steam is great. However, not all modules work the day of release in steam and the staff does patch when there is a problem ASAP. I will be getting the Sin modules for steam soon, and hopefully they do work. I havent looked yet. But with a dedicated windows system (well close enough), I can deal with a few month delay if it comes to it.

    And always remember -- each platform has its uses:

    Macs -- general home use and pro media
    Linux -- nothing owns FLOSS when it comes to security. Some preach BSD, some Linux, but lets be honest here, they are both better than Windows 2003 and Xserve rigs.
    Windows -- when you have an IT staff that is well paid and trained. Gaming.

    My personal preference is to use my Xbox for games and only to snag up the pc only or the ones that are so much better (like fps games) on the pc its not worth getting on the xbox. I cant wait for some of the contracts to settle that Transgaming is working on. Lotsa deals in the works from what I have been told. Hopefully soon, these arguments will be moot, because TG has software that makes it trivial to port.

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