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Thread: TROUBLESHOOT: "Unable to open initial console"...PC UNABLE TO BOOT IN LINUX

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    Exclamation TROUBLESHOOT: "Unable to open initial console"...PC UNABLE TO BOOT IN LINUX

    Hi there,

    well.. yesterday my frnd took my usb driver to her place. She didn't know how to mount it in linux... asked me.. i replied by sending sms: try this command "mount /mnt/dev/sda1 /mnt/floppy"... and (ya i know) it was wrong command. It should have been mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/floppy...

    now.. the problem in the PC is unable to boot normally.. it gives error "Unable to open initial console" and doesn't proceed further...
    so no console to type any command... only avaiable option is using grub prompt... which doesn't seem to be of much help...

    So dear friends.. I NEED HELP TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE..please suggest me a solution...


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    Running that mount command would not cause your problem. Had you edited the /etc/fstab file at some point following your last successful boot?

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    What distribution and hardware is she using?
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