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    Open Source Ads

    hello guys, i have an idea/project which i would like your opinions.

    i would like to setup an ads server, something like google adsense. but this wont be a profit making venture with advertisers and stuff, but it will be advertisements for open source projects.

    open source project owners can advertise free. webmasters who have space can apply to help advertise these open source projects. especially those webmasters using open source software for this websites/forums and so on. something to give back to the open source community. In return, we can help drive traffic to these webmasters' sites through ads on the open source ads site itself.

    we are currently testing phpadsnew to deliever the ads.

    what do you think ? any suggestions welcome.

    hope you guys dont think i am spamming.

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    I don't see where money is changing hands for services rendered. How does the outfit sustain itself and take care of the payroll?

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    I agree with outlaw:

    What is the purpose of putting ads up if there is no exchange of money? Open source geeks already are using the software so advertising to them is preaching to the choir. The non OSS aware people are going to think cheapos for not paying and boff at the whole deal.

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    Well, we could get sponsors. And it will only become a problem when this project becomes big.

    The problem is there are a lot of open source applications that nobody knows about and they dont have the means to advertise. we could help them. The websites on which these ads are displayed dont have to be necessary for open source projects.

    What is the the biggest problem we are facing is to convince webmasters to give us advertising space on their website. Since there is no money involved, most webmaster whose main purpose is to earned money will definitely not be willing to display the ads for free.

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    What I'm confused about, is that the website claims that there is a business model. Even in not for profits, there is payment for a service, and the people who work there get paid. What this model seems to be is strictly volunteer, unless the business model is to depend entirely on grant funding. And that's a tough gig. I admire the idea though.

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    yes, a business model doesnt mean for profit. any money "earned" thru donations or sponsors, will be given back to the project.

    The main cost will be the maintenace of the ads server. the rest(like banners, promotion, marketing and so on) will be thru volunter work.

    Think of this like spreadfirefox, just for all and any Open Source projects.

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