Hi all

I am new to linux and need help on a two simple issues. I'll really appreciate if you can help me.

Issue 1. On the command line window of red hat 8.0, I want to ping an IP address continuosly and log the ping results as text file. If it is possible, I want to execute both commands(ping and log) in the same line. What would be the correct command syntax? (I mean I need to execute both ping and log with one "ENTER")

PS: I have to see the ping reply packets on the screen while it is being logged at the same time.

Issue 2. I need to ping 20 IP addresses on 20 command line windows at the same time, log the ping results as well. In other words I need to do Issue one on 20 windows and 20 IP addresses. Could you help me how to create a script about do Issue 2 with one command?

command line window 1: pings and logs,
command line window 2: pings and logs,
command line window 10: pings and logs

Thank in advance for helping