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Thread: DNS/named problems

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    DNS/named problems

    Ok, maybe not a problem really, other than I can't seem to get it done right...

    I am currently nearing completion of a dedicated server, in doing so, I have installed BIND and am trying to configure the dns for the name server.

    I have been reading and reading, trying and trying again since this morning, not having much luck...

    Does anyone have a suggestion or direction I may take with a little more info on the right steps to take?

    I have googled, searched within this forum, and many other sites, some good info, I am just having trouble getting things to work right!

    A Recap on what I have and am working with...

    Fedora Core 4 installed, using PuTTy to telnet in, have installed the bind-chroot named, and have been going back and forth with the named.conf, and resolv.conf files, seems everytime I change the settings, restart named, well, try to restart named, I get errors...

    Someone gotta bone out there?


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    I'm not sure what was the problem you are having.

    Are you trying to get the sever's name/DNS problem?

    Or is it the problem with BIND itself?

    Because named.conf is for BIND. You don't need to mess with resolv.conf. Resolv.conf is for the server's DNS setting and have nothing to do with BIND stuff.

    So which one is it?
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    You need to check wheather the networking part first. Server should be well configured to the network to identify him as one node. If it is then you need to verify the networks domain names and other related stuff. After that you need to config the forward and reverse zone file in correct manner with NS, MX, A, CNAME records. Then services need to be restarted and it will work.

    If you need more help I can help you over ssh or telnet for the configuration. Mail me for more informations.

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    I'm sorry I can't offer any help here as I'm in a very similar position as yourself with a new server just set up, only I cannot seem to install the BIND in the first place. Would you mind letting me know how you went about doing this?

    Would be much appreciated and after that I'll be at the same stage as you and maybe we can help each other out after that.


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    If you have an Internet network connection the installation commands would be:


    # yum install bind

    (Debian / Ubuntu)

    # apt-get install bind

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