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Thread: FC4 and MySql

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    FC4 and MySql

    Seems I'm back with a new server and new problem...

    This is one I have been beating my head against the wall on, I have spent hours trying to work out a solution, as I'm sure it's something I have overlooked.

    To recap, I have a ded server, has a fresh install of FC4 on it, and my connection is via putty. I am going through the process of setting it up and as I try to config mysql, that's where the problems begin!!

    I'm not close to being good at this yet, but I am trudging along learning as I go, so I do understand the concept...

    This is what I get, I can log into mysqladmin, no prob, when I go to log into mysql after saying mysql -u root -p, giving my pass, it gets nasty and say's the var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock are missing...

    I have gone the forums here and have tried every suggestion I could find, one thing to note, as I try to start mysql or restart for that matter, it does ot recognize it as a service.

    The install of Fedora was done via the hosting company, so I was not part of that process, it would easy enough to give them a shout to get it right, but they kindly ask for $75 an hour for any work, so I'm trying to sort this out myself with very little luck thus far!

    Does anyone of you have a suggestion or would mind nudging me in the right direction with this?

    I feel I am close, but becoming more frustrated by the day...


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    I googled "/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock + missing" and found various articles about it. Here's one:
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    The first help link that Trick posted should fix your problem. I am not at a linux box right now but definately wanted to pass along my yeppers to Tricksters post.
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    Cool, some great documentation there and I'm trying things now!!

    I'll let ya know the outcome and what I did to resolve it...

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    Got it working, mysql client was installed, mysql was not, hence the problem, thanks for the info cause after doing a lil digging within that, I was able to get it done with a lil help from a friend!

    Thanks agian!!

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