Hi There

I have a Lexmark E230 Laser Printer connected to a HP JetDirect 310X Print Server. A couple of nights ago, I decided to delve into the world of Linux (for the first time) and jumped into bed with ubuntu.

I went to Lexmark's website and downloaded a .deb driver file and installed it. Had problems installing but finally realised that I had to install it via the Root Terminal and everythign went smoothly.

However, if I now try to setup a networked printer using the Printer Install function, the printers that the driver installed DO NOT appear in the list under Lexmark. Furthermore, I use the Install Driver button to search for the .PPD file and can't find them either (I have searched for the lex*.ppd files and the E230 does not appear). The driver installation (under the root terminal) DID say installation successful.

Can someone please tell a non linux user (in laymans terms) on how to install this printer, PLEASE ??????

Thanking you all in advance.