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Thread: Problem with linux

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    Unhappy Problem with linux

    I have a problem now.
    I have FC3 with Windows XP on my pc.When I was trying to install php and apache , after running make there was a message that "Clock skew detected your installation might be incomplete".
    And after installing the same way i did everytime, now when I try to open a php file it shows the contents of the file.
    1st. What is clock skew ?
    2nd. Why the server is not working ?
    I will be happy if u could help
    This will be over soon, and then I can ...

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    clock slew is when the system clock appears to be out out sync or not keeping a correct time.
    to get apache to run serviceconf as user root and make sure the web server ( i think fedora calls it www or web) is running. if that does not do it or it is not listed let us know where you installed it.
    telnet 1701

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    You should not have to type "make" to build most software for Fedora. Usually you can have all your software installed with a single command. For instructions, see this guide:

    Go to the section on "Getting and Installing Fedora Software", specifically the section that tells you how to use Yum.
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