Hello, I finally was sick of not knowing how to use NVU, and almost went back into booting Windows just to use Dreamweaver, when I decided to tinker with it a bit. I did figure out my main problem (applying styles), but decided that the HTML coding is MESSY if I open a doc in NVU. So, I downloaded the HandCoder extension, installed it, and also downloaded the Tidy executable. I set the options for the paths in HandCoder. Now, not only was I NOT able to clean anything up (I had no idea how to get it to work) BUT after I installed HandCoder.xpi, when I view my website tree of directories and files, any files that have more than one "." in the name do not show up. For example, if I have "backup.script.notes.html", will not show up, but if I rename it to "backupscriptnotes.html", it shows up in the tree and I can open it just fine. If I uninstall the extension, everything is back to normal. I know, I could just use underscores or "-", but I name everything on my system in a certain way, and I would hate to either use a different system just for NVU, or change my whole system just to accommodate NVU.
Does anyone have any experience with this? I haven't found squat anywhere else