After running my Win XP for sometime now I decided I need to instal something more reliable on my computer - chose Linux of course . Now that I finally got around to installing Linux (Ubuntu 6.06 64-bit) I'm having a really strange issue with X.

Whenever I boot into linux, I see the Ubuntu splash and the list of checks that the system goes through as it is booting. However, once that is done and I see a dash in the upper left hand corner flash a few times, then it stays solid. I am pretty sure at this point X has fully loaded, and is just showing on my screen what was shown last (the dash). The reason I've come to this conclusion is because I can hear all the sounds comming from various things that I do. If I just hit enter, I hear an error-esque sound. However, if I blindly enter my login, hit tab, then type in my password, I hear a very pleasant sound, which I'm guessing is the shell loading up.

Now, I can go into terminals 1-6 with no problem and work various commands, but if I try to enter terminal 7, I basically have the same problem as in the beginning and just see what was last on the screen.

This also does with Ubuntu 5.10 .... I tried installing 6.06 with server install and then used this command:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Because the live cd install does the black out already on the beggining...

Here are the basic specs of my machine:

Biostar N4SLI-A9-A01
2 x MSI 6600GT video cards
AMD 3200+ socket 939 proccy

Any help would be very appreciated,
best regards,