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    Video Editing

    Hey Guys,
    /me is back. Yay! Anyways - I have ripped a VCD [or whatever] and now have an *.avi. There are some soundtracks in the *.avi that I particularly like but I don't want to keep playing the movie to listen to them, so what do I need to do to just get the soundtracks out ? I can figure out from which frame it begins and at what frame it ends, etc. But I have little to no clue on how to do this. I have searched a bit but have not found much and all of them say Linux is not good at Editing.. I looked into Kino, but I don't think its what I am looking for.. Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks a Lot Guys,

    On a side note, I have got Wireless on Ubuntu working [it was a shot in the dark but it worked!] - I am full of delight - I've been bragging it all my friends... That is all for now.


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    Check out AgnuLA. It was based on DeMuDi (DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution). There are a list of tools that you can check out to see if any is what you are looking for. I'm not into media stuff so I can't help you much but I'm interested in what you may find since I also like to have some songs from VCDs.
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