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Thread: Acessing The MySQL Command Line

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    Lightbulb Acessing The MySQL Command Line

    Hi, i install Fedora core 3 on my machine and also MySql to play with database.but am having problems accessing The MySql Command line.
    i Keep getting Error 1045: Access denied for user ' root@localhost. what do i do pls?
    am a newbie.

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    mysqladmin -u root password yourrootsqlpassword
    mysql -u root -p
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    thanks for your prompt reply. i tried access the command line with mysql -u root -p with -u being the user(root) and -p(password) which is my root sql password.but i still get the error msg.what do you think would be wrong or what am i doing wrong?

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    Initially, no password is set for the root account
    Plz, try using one of the following commands

    mysql -u root
    mysql -u username
    :and don't forget to change the password

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    I don't know about Fedora but Ubuntu will take main sudoer's password and put it as mysql's root password. I thought fedora was more technically advanced in terms of security (or so some have claimed).
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    You can try the below method also

    #/usr/sbin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password' and change the root user password for MySQL.

    Then restart the Mysql server.(service mysqld restart)

    #mysql -u root -p (hit enter)

    Mysql will ask for password...
    Enter the password and login...

    Even if you get the same error ... some other problem..

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