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Thread: FLOSS related Podcasts.

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    Thumbs up FLOSS related Podcasts.

    Well since there are a ton out there, why not list some good linux or opensource related podcasts?

    Perhaps once a month I can generate an OPML file and post that (external link of course). Let me know what you think. Hit the TLD for info. But for noobs, Linux Reality rocks. And shouts out to the guys over at TLLTS -- you have the best Linux show IMNSHO ;D I also know about the other Laporte podcasts -- they are all great, but this is FLOSS related now ;D Keep it on topic somewhat. Also, if this thread gains traction, howabout enforcing zero discussion on it, kinda like we did with the repo thread a bit back?[/SIZE]

    Distro Centric Podcasts
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