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    simplymepis (new question)

    thinking about my prior post it occured to me that my new pc is an emachines T6528 64 bit pc. i wonder if thats the problem why simplymepis won't find all the settings. This got me thinking after i tried to install SuSE 9.3 on the hard drive that has simplymepis on it, which would overwrite simplymepis, so i could download the correct drivers for simplymepis, and then partition the hard drive with SuSE on it, then reinstall simplymepis on another partition and i'd have the drivers to install on it. But! it won't accept SuSE 9.3 EITHER because after I put cd #1 in, it said "this is a 32 bit OS, and you have a 64 bit pc." do you think it won't install because of that? i tried to install it again a couple more times and it did the same thing, it stops installing and goes to a command prompt. think it could be the 64 bit change from 32 bit in my older pc which it was first installed in? if so, can i download either operating system in the new 64 bit programming?

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    Most people install 32 bit linux so flash and java work. 64 bit windows and linux have severe app compatibility issues. I am suprised that it refused to install on your system ... Either way I would say use the latest version if at all possible (SuSE is up to 10.1) and see how things work. To be honest Mepis is not the most supported flavor of linux. For you I would suggest the latest SuSE, Fedora, or Ubuntu for best results.

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    I use Ubuntu 64 bits (and yes, no flash and I don't miss it) but Java works if you install Sun's version. Aside from CUPS being screwed in Dapper release of Ubuntu 6.06, I'm extremely happy with it.

    Like Schotty said, many uses 32 bit OSes even on 64 bit machines so yours should work. If you are pretty new, try either Fedora or Ubuntu first.
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