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Thread: Need a Linux server (of some kind)

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    Need a Linux server (of some kind)

    Hi I came by this web-site from reading the Linux Quick Fix Notebook which I like a lot.

    I have a situation where I want to host a basic web-site from my PC at home, over a DSL connection (which I've never done before). I believe the book goes into this, but I haven't gotten to that chapter yet (I will). My question concerns the software/type of web-site I wish to host.

    I want to collect some information from people living in my estate. Essentially there is some discussion going on about selling the estate "en-block" which means that the owners band together to sell for a better price to a developer (who will tear it down and build up a better condo on the land). However, by law, they need to get at least 80% approval from the owners before they can proceed.

    The way they begin (which I feel is wrong), is they firstly ask the owners "Do you want to sell, yes or no?" Secondly, they will ask, "If yes, what is the minimum price you want to sell your home for?" . They tend to use a series of pressure techniques to try to get 80% of the owners to say yes to the first question, then later some more pressure to try to bring the selling price as low as possible. This en-block sale benefits people who want to sell their units (as the price is higher than the market price), but does not benefit those who wish to stay, who are essentially forced to sell against their will.

    I believe the second question ought to be asked first, because anyone will sell if the price is good enough, and the question ought to be asked, free from any undue pressure or influence. This is the information I wish to collect, via a web server, from the home owners in my estate: The price at which they would be willing to sell their units (there are 660 units, and thus 660 numbers to be collected). I also would like a program or software which will help me to collect, store and display the total info entered by users. I do not need to refer to the web-site by name, an IP address would be fine, as it is only a temporary measure, until this thing is concluded.

    If the server can also serve as a forum for discussion on the issues, all the better.

    Does anybody have a method or suggested software which I might be able to run on my Linux machine which will help meet the needs I've described? Would be very grateful if something like this was already available.


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    First, if you have a Linux system working, then you can have a web server easily. Use Apache and MySQL for web solution.

    For you poll, you have multiple options. Firstly, use independent polling solution such as these. You can define who can only vote (such as the usename that YOU created; for example, condo block and number permanently assigned with user/password) and stuff.

    Secondly, you might like to use forum software like the one this board use, assign users like above and use builtin polling features.

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