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Thread: 2 hard drives

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    2 hard drives

    I have an emachines T6528. i currently have xp home on the primary master hard drive. i have a linux simplymepis installed on another hard drive that was in another pc. i'll disconnect the xp hard drive and install the linux one to master primary. after i get it set with the command path to allow me to choose which hard drive i want to boot to when both hard drives are in the pc, should i make it master slave or secondary master with xp being primary master? I heard that a bootup command path has to be changed in the linux hard drive so the bootup program can give a
    choice of which hard drive i want to boot to.
    i would go into the command prompt program in linux, like DOS in windows (i dont remember what its called right now).
    what is the command path i would need to type so that i would get the choice of which hard drive i want to boot into?

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    What I would do is this:

    Set the primary master to your windows xp drive
    Ser the linux drive anywhere else (primary slave is fine)

    Reinstall linux so it corrects the paths and reinstalls grub. Install grub the way it likes. If for some reason that it doesnt go where you need it, it most likely just got installed on the linux drive. No sweat, just go into your bios and set that drive as your first boot drive. This actually is the best way to dual boot, since each drive can boot independently. Nice option to have if a drive dies or goes AWOL.

    If you are new to linux the distros that people seem to like also (mepis is one) are also PCLinuxOS and Linspire. Ubuntu is getting alot of praise on the Linspire forums from normal PC users as well. There are a few zealots there that bash anything non Linspire but they are pretty obvious :lol:

    Personally when it comes to free Ubuntu is hard to beat. Fedora is nice and all, but isnt quite as fast to setup and be useful as Ubuntu + Automatix.

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