In the web site of Hostap it is said that the newer kernel versions 2.6.14 and above include the hostap driver in the kernel.
This i found out when i tried to install hostap 0.4.9 at my FC5 dist. 2.6.16-1.2129.
When im at the source dir of Hostap and run make i get this:
/root/Desktop/Prism2.5/Hostap0.4.9/hostap-driver-0.4.9/driver/modules/hostap.c:45:2: error: #error Host AP driver was added into Linux 2.6.14.
/root/Desktop/Prism2.5/Hostap0.4.9/hostap-driver-0.4.9/driver/modules/hostap.c:46:2: error: #error The version used in the kernel tree should be used instead of this
/root/Desktop/Prism2.5/Hostap0.4.9/hostap-driver-0.4.9/driver/modules/hostap.c:47:2: error: #error external release which is only maintained for old kernel versions.
The installation is interrupted with an error and it ends.
My questions is: What do i have to do to install the driver ?