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Thread: Restrict network access

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    Restrict network access


    Let's say we have a network with DHCP running. All servers are configured to use DHCP. Each server get's allocated the same IP address from the DHCP server. All clients get diferent addresses based on the available addresses from the DHCP pool.

    If I wanted to restrict someone from plugging in a device and setting their device up with a static IP Address is there a way to restrict access to the network? I would like to think its possible to give the user a message saying they are not authorised to do this. I could simply run over his fingers with my chair so he cant grasp the RJ45 connector to plug it in :-)

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I think the only way you'd be able to do this would be if your router allowed you to permit or deny traffic based on MAC addresses. Even then, you'd have to collect all the MAC addresses from all nodes on your network, and restrict traffic to only those. Even on this case, someone could find out the MAc of node on your network and try to spoof it.
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    Yeah, either MAC or host based restriction but like Trickster said, there is no way to prevent anyone from spoofing/cloning MAC or host names.

    Other possible solution would be to use domain controllers and only allow to use network resources if the client is authenticated against your DC. Actually that's what DCs are for.
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