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    Please help....!

    Ya, me again... I have been working on getting my dv camcorder to work with Kino, and after a lot of research, I got the right drivers (raw1394) properly (I think) installed. I actually got my camera to upload video! My problem is similiar to what I had with my scanner, ie; permission problems. I have to change ownership of /dev/raw1394 everytime I boot. To fix the scanner, I was instructed to write a new udev rules file. That worked fine for my usb scanner & now I hope to do something similiar for my dv cam, however, I noticed that there is a folder named usb under udev, but only a file called a character device representing raw1394, so is a udev rules file even the answer here? As I said, I can use the cam, but I hope there is a more elegant fix for me...Thanks in advance for any help, and thank you, Trickster and Compunuts for your invaluable help thus far.

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    If hardware doesn't work your first stop should be the bug tracking system for your distribution. You should NEVER be required to write udev rules to make things like this work.

    It would help the developers and other users with the same issue if it got fixed in the distribution.

    I would love to help you file the bug if you require a hand.
    Why are you not using Fedora Core?

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    Check thisdiscussion on the subject.
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