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finally back up....
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Thread: finally back up....

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    finally back up....

    my graphics card went south and i needed to RMA it - went a week w/o my precoius fvwm setup other settings. finally back up - in case anyone is wondering the card was made by eVGA - and i must say they took good care of me.
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    I don't think I've heard of eVGA. What kind of quality of cards to the put out (and to what sector)?
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    mostly NVidia cards using nvidia reference design, they tend not to package a ton of crap like games, many adaptors etc.. probably helps keep the price down. they have branched out into main boards now too. some of their stuff is very nice, this is the 3rd card i have had from them, the replacement is good quality as were the 1st two. i can forgive having a shotty cards once in a while - it is how a company handles its mistakes that ussually impresses me.
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    I've recently purchased an nVidia eVGA and must say I do like it alot. I haven't had any problems from it so far, so good!
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    Good to see that they are looking after us. I have never had a Video card go bung on me. You dont know what you have 'till it's gone I suppose...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beezlebubsbum
    Good to see that they are looking after us. I have never had a Video card go bung on me. You dont know what you have 'till it's gone I suppose...
    Lucky tou -- I have had three of my last four die horrid deaths -- bad fans, and hours later I then find out it seized ....

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