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Thread: mouse itself, or port?

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    mouse itself, or port?

    hello all,
    I am back, sorry about my last few posts that may have been a little one sided, I have now found a linux distro that interests me and suits my needs (Damn Small Linux).

    but I just have one problem, its a rather stupid question (since I think I already know the answer), but I figured I'd ask it anyways.

    when the DSL window system (integrated) loads, I move my mouse and the cursor on the screen doesn't move. I am guessing this is probably because my mouse is not supported (this comp including the mouse was bought new with Windows installed)? or could it be the actual mouse port? for some reason I doubt it would be the mouse port, since I don't see why this would be any different for Windows (doesn't make a whole lot of sense). but I figured I'd ask anyways, if its the mouse itself I can easily get a new one, if its the port, well thats a little different :\ .

    BTW before DSL starts, as usual, it checks hardware. I see a message something like "checking for mice" but it doesn't say a whole lot after that (not about a mouse at least), probably because the mouse attached cannot be identified?

    if anyone could please help me here, it would be greatly appreciated .

    thanks alot in advance!

    EDIT: by "port" I mean the actual female mouse port (its not a cordless mouse), to plug the male port of the mouse into. not a port as in software with sockets.
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    ok, now I think it probably has nothing to do with the mouse. I tried an older IBM mouse, and it still didn't work.

    here is the (exact) message DSL gives me when it is booting:

    Mouse is Compaq Computer Corp. Internet Keyboard at /dev/input/mice
    (the mouse is a "COMPAQ" mouse, but when I look at the label underneath, it is actually made by Logitech, so this message is obviously referring to the keyboard)

    does that sound right to you? it doesn't to me. seems as though somehow the keyboard is being mistaken for the mouse :/ ? has this ever happened to anyone before, and if so what should I do in this situation? the keyboard works fine, it is the mouse that I cannot get to work.

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you in advance.

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