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Thread: Automatic Appointment

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    Automatic Appointment

    I created this shell script so that it will remind/ give an alert all users From Monday - Friday at 8:15 that "Good Morning".

    Take input()
    echo "Daily Appointment"
    read appointment
    if [! -f $appointment]; then
    echo "Appointment does not exists, creating $appointment database"
    echo "Appointment Application database file" > $appointment
    echo "Start reading Appointment schedule" > /etc/schedular.$$
    echo -n "Good Morning"
    read na
    echo -n "8:15"
    read ti
    echo -n "is data okey (y/n)?"
    read ans
    if [$ans=y -o $ans=Y]; then
    recno = "expr $recno + 1
    echo "$rechno. $na $ti" >> /etc/schedular.$$

    Is this the right way to write a shell script?, what can I do to make it work properly.
    Thank you for your respons and be blessed.

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    Arrow Automatic appointment

    I am new to Linux, I am learning shell scripts.
    I wrote another shell script which will alert/ give message from Monday to Friday(5 weekdays) at 8:15 that "Welcome to Work Place"

    HOUR='date | grep {'echo $4'}'
    MINUTE='date |grep {'grep $5'}'
    DAY='date | grep ('cal[Mon - Fri]')'
    while true; do
    if [$HOUR -eq 8] -a [$MINUTE -eq 15]; then
    echo $DAY "Welcome to work place"
    sleep 13500s

    I got the error message that /date command not found on line 2, 3 and line 4.
    I need your assistance and be blessed.

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    When you are setting a variable equal to the output of a command, the command must be surrounded by back ticks ` not single quotes '

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