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    HTML Conversion

    Okay, I'm getting frustrated here. I have downloaded a book in html format. It has a cascading style sheet to go with it that makes for a really nice format. I would like to convert the formatted html page into another document format (such as pdf). How do I do that?

    I've tried abiword (it barfs), kword (it chokes), OOo, ted, kile, etc. All I want is a nicely formatted document that I can load onto my laptop or my LifeDrive and view it on the go. Any help would be appreciated.


    Edit - When I open it up with a word processor it will show up in source format. Is there some program that can take the css-formatted html file and convert it to a nicely formatted, non-css html file? Is there a css to javascript type program out there for Linux? I don't mind jumping through several hoops in order to convert the html to pdf/doc/open doc format.
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