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Thread: Home network planning

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    Home network planning


    This maybe more of a network question then a Linux one, but I guess this one could be applicable anyway.

    I have a Cisco PIX 501 and Im planning on buying a Linksys AP on which I plan to run OpenWRT (As is runs Linux..I guess it's a Linux question anyway )

    But how do I plan my network


    Internet ---> Pix 501* ---> 3 clients (misc BSD and Linux)
    *one WAN interface only, 4 switch ports

    1) Internet ---> Pix 501 ---> 3 clients (misc BSD and Linux)
    ---> Linksys AP (in one off the switch ports)

    2) Internet ---> Linksys AP ---> Pix 501 (in one of the switch ports)
    ---> Wireless client ---> Wired clients

    The thing I would like to achive is that all the wireless client have to use/ terminate a VPN connection in the PIX, which is guess is achives in the second setup, as the Linksys AP allowes VPN passthrough, and that they are not allowed to use the internet connection if the have not connected using a VPN connection with the PIX..

    So am I making any sense or it this setup totally s*** ?

    All ideas are welcome!


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    I used to use option 1 at home till I switched to a cable modem.

    Putting the WAP infront of the firewall makes all the wireless clients directly exposed to the Internet without the benefit of the firewall's protection.

    Unless you want the wireless clients to not have access to the servers on the PIX.

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    I woudl go this route:

    Internet -> router -> switch -> lan (wired or wireless)

    Then I would ensure that the device is locked down appropriately. It probably wouldnt hurt to subnet the wireless and wired networks and block that subnet when its not needed.

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