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    This may seem a stupid question to an experienced linux user , but how do I change the ownership of folders/files & have the changes stay permanent. This relates to xsane. I need user priveleges for /dev and /proc/bus for xsane. Obviously, the default for thes folders is root. When I do
    chown -hR gary:gary /dev
    chown -hR gary:gary /proc/bus
    everything works fine until I reboot, the I have to do it again. Not a big deal, but I know there is an easier way. Thanks for any info!

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    Everything in /proc are virtual files, not real ones. They just represent processes on the computer. /dev is nowadays controlled by devfs or udev (more recently), and the rights are reassigned after each boot.
    You need to configure devfs to give rights to your user.
    Check this link for more info.
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    Or you could put that into the script and provoke it every reboot by putting it in the /etc/rcS.d/ .
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    Thanks Trickster and Compunuts...

    making the rules file worked like a charm. I finally have my scanner working with linux. It actually works better and faster than it did under XP. Go figure. Compunuts, I didn't see your post until after I got it working, but since I'm not too good with scripts yet, I will try that later.Trickster, the link you provided has been very helpful on a number of issues. I also does a good job explaining the udev and /sys concepts. Again, thanks to you both!


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