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Thread: HOWTO: Writing to Windows 2000/XP (NTFS formatted) from Linux.

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    HOWTO: Writing to Windows 2000/XP (NTFS formatted) from Linux.

    HOWTO. Writing to Windows 2000/XP/NT
    (NTFS formatted) from Linux.

    Interested in using NTFS-FUSE to write to WINDOWS 2000/XP partitions (NTFS formatted).

    Or alternatively, using Captive to write to WINDOWS 2000/XP partitions (NTFS formatted).

    Then click here:

    The site also provides guide to installing WINDOWS 2000/XP on a spare partition.

    There is also code for JAVASCRIPT MOVIES (and a few to watch).

    Also has a section on how to REMIX YOUR 14 Debian CDs as 2 DVDs.

    And a guide to a GENTOO 2006 installation and even a script to walk you through a GENTOO 2005 installation.

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    Anyone find this thread useful?

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    Why would you "remix your 14 debian CDs to 2 DVDs" when you can get them as DVDs even via bittorrent
    And by the way, this sort of thread looks to me like SEO purpus...

    Just my $.02
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