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Thread: Another Noob!

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    Another Noob!

    Hey there!!

    I can hear it now, oh boy another newbie, but without newbies, where would everyone be?

    I am really new to Linux and the Distro's, been at just over a week now and having a ball learning everything!!

    I have found several forums, and I have to admit I am liking this one a whole lot more than the others I have visited, that's not saying they aren't good forums or sites by any mean, I am finding this one more to what I like a little better is all...

    I am a forum owner myself, more of the general type of things, and find ones such as this fantastic for the new user, a big THANKS to the creators and owners here!!

    I am currently running CentOS 4.3 on my home machine playing and learning as much as I can not only from the OS side of things, but as a web server (Apache), networking and FTP...

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    Welcome aboard. Post more, will ya?
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    Welcome aboard matey!

    Grab your robe, worship begins at 6am
    Why are you not using Fedora Core?

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