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    1.I have been using Fedora Core 3 as a proxy server.
    2.I have 5 clients with windows 2000.
    3.When i use yahoo messenger in the clients,I can chat wirh the friends who are already in my address book.
    4.But i cannot go to chat room.It gives me an error message"The signing in time took longer time than expected" or "you have been signed out because you have signed on a dfferent device"But i am singning on only a single computer.
    5.Help me to configure the squid porxy server.

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    latest unreleased linux book
    Isn't that a contradiction in term ?
    An unreleased book.. How can one obtain that, since it's not released yet...

    If you were asking on March 26. 2003, one would have been Eric S. Raymonds The art of Unix programming since at that time he publisized it on the web, yet it wasn't released for printing untill August 3.rd that same year... You might have fun reading some of his other writings
    But for now, I still say your request is a contradiction in term...
    Don't worry Ma'am. We're university students, - We know what We're doing.
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    spam ..
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