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is Linux even worth it on my system?
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Thread: is Linux even worth it on my system?

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    is Linux even worth it on my system?

    hello all,
    I am beginning to think any Linux install on my computer is pointless given its specs, and am starting to give up on it.

    to be honest I think Windows is a great operating system, I would NEVER switch from it permanently. I have read and heard rave reviews about Linux, but have tried it and fail to see what all of the hype is about. I think its great that its open source, I code C with Win32 and don't release anything other than open source, but that is about the only "benefit" I see in using it. I think my lack of interest in Linux is partially because of my love of WinXP, and my lack of experience with Linux (Windows seems so much better in so many ways when all you have seen of Linux is its command line ).

    anyways enough about that, I am currently learning PHP, MySQL and Apache, and I don't really want to install these on Windows. I could, but I do know that these 3 programs are usually associated with webservers which are usually running some Linux variant (installing them on Windows would just be wrong IMO, I'd be lacking out of some good experience). basically I want to build and test my website on my own PC before I put it up on my host.

    anyways what makes me think Linux is a bad match for my system is its specs. it is an 800MHz AMD Duron, with 64MB RAM. I haven't seen a linux distro with a minimum system requirement of under 32MB RAM (note this is a MINIMUM, meaning it will barely run at this speed). for example I tried Debian linux today, it has a 32MB RAM minimum, and Gnome just keeps crashing. I can't even use it, seriously, it is that bad.

    I am just wondering if anyone knows of any paticular Linux distributions that will run at a reasonable speed given my system specs? or is it a hopeless cause, and should I just stick with Windows, at least until I get a better computer?

    any help here would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

    EDIT: don't ask why this was a double post O_o. must have hit post twice, or something happened when I edited it, sorry mods.
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