Hey there, we're using a Linux samba PDC server that's pretty much perfectly described in your HOWTO guide here:


And it has worked fairly well for a number of years like that. However, we've got a new build of Windows XP that connects to the Linux Samba server (by default we have folks' N: drive map to their /home/* directory), but when they logoff it doesn't save their profile (My Documents, Desktop, Settings, etc) to their /home/profiles/* directory. I've even done the registry update in the HOWTO:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Netlogon\Parameters]

We still have one of the old WinXP machines that is still backing up the /home/profile/* directory to the Linux PDC successfully, so I'm not figuring it's a problem with the server, but some weird setting/registry with the new image. I've tried to do a comparison of different settings between the two, but haven't come across anything that works.

If someone can successfully help me figure out what's wrong here, I'd provide some monetary compensation! Thanks.